Saturday, August 28, 2010

Haven Fanfic #1


The moment Audrey saw it, she knew. It wasn’t the wound it should’ve been. It was a brand. The same symbol one of Helena’s victims sported now left its mark on Jess via a killer shadow. It was about what the wake of that attack made her see. Audrey was right. Jess was a witch.
“I did all I could.” She said.
Audrey felt the small nod. “I know.” The two women stood in silence at the end of the dock as the sun peeked over the horizon.
“Did you find anything?” Jess let out a slow sigh. Tears welled in her eyes.
“Not a scratch.” A small smile of relief tugged at Audrey’s mouth. “Just the bruised temple.”
They faced each other. “He’ll be fine.” Jess’ tone was certain. And final. It was time for her to go. Again.
Audrey wiped the tears from Jess’ eyes. It was killing her but both understood. Their hands met at Jess’ right shoulder.
“He’ll be fine.” She said.

Duke woke up with three things: nausea, a headache and soreness. Ugh oh… The bed was posh and cozy. He smelled the lavender on his skin then the sheets. The quilt was thick and unusually soft. Then he realized he was naked. Had he been bathed? He looked around the room. His eye rested first on the fresh pressed clothing on the nearby chaise. This was a woman’s room. Cottage feel. Feminine but not frilly. Moving gave him pause. It wasn’t just the lethargy or that attempting to sit up made him weak and shaky. It was the intricately knotted and securely anchored nylon rope binding his right foot. When Duke finally could sit up the flashes started. The Grey Gull, the light, the freezer—Adam… There were muffled voices outside the door. The key in the lock. Then…
“Audrey?” Now Duke was really confused.
“Duke... welcome back.” Audrey hoped she didn’t look or sound surprised.
“Where am I please?”
“My bed—“Audrey closed her eyes tightly. It was too late. She could practically hear Duke’s amused smile. “You’re at my place.” She opened her eyes to find Duke pointing at the tray she was desperately trying not to drop.
“For me?”
“Of course.” Audrey handed him the tray. The assortment of breakfast cakes and jams and creams was intoxicating.
Audrey told Duke about Nora’s hysterical call which brought her to the Grey Gull. She told him about finding him wet and unconscious out back where Nora thought she’d killed him and bringing him to her place after Elenore gave the green light. She pointed left to the fresh pressed clothing on the chaise.
“And this?” Duke flipped back the right corner of the quilt revealing his bondage. He continued to carefully watch her.
Audrey gave up. “I didn’t want you to get away.”
Duke stopped eating and looked at Audrey. The meaning was absolutely dubious. The trueness he sensed behind it truly took him aback.
Audrey tried to look innocent. In her mind it sounded much better than she needed to keep him from escaping just in case he’d been bitten by the thing that ate his bus boy last night…