Saturday, June 26, 2010

This Just In..../WTF?

They did it! Those sons of bitches did it.  They let my AJ go!  Just got news from my girl (see previous post).  I'm happy about PagetPaget, but then I'm not.  Just like CBS has ruined Criminal Minds (CM) w/this decision, they're gonna do their damndest to ruin Prentiss so that in S7 they can screw her worse than poor AJ.

Then to add insult to injury they give AJ two (that's right) two episodes to "wrap her character".   Then they're going to "add a new female member to fill the void".  Five years in two episodes.  A new character where there shouldn't be one.  Damn there just are no words.

Needless to say I'm w/girl---w/o one there should be none.   Won't be watching the show now.  No reason to watch CBS either.  EVER.

Sons of bitches they did it...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Must Read 4 all Criminal Minds Fans...

CBS' ACT OF WAR, by April Love

Lemme just say upfront:  I LOVE ALL MY CM LADIES and the cast as a's that mix of actors and their chemistry that makes the show.  Having said that, here I go:

I have loved AJ since the Virgin Suicides.  I have adored Paget since I first discovered the suicide girls.  My affection for Kirsten is just because. All have a very special place in my heart.  These women teach that you don't have to be a "type"---you can be you, be strong, and get the job done.  They teach that being female (or woman) is enough.

I realized that CBS' actions/intentions were far more sinister than I first thought ( @ if blatant sexism isn't enough right?) But consider this:  NCIS, CSI, and most of their other shows have a predominantly male viewing audience.  Criminal Minds is the only show (left)  that seems to have a female viewing audience at all much less predominantly female viewing audience. So to attract a more masculine (read average male/action hero) viewer base, the network nixes the strong female characters (AJ and Paget) creates a god-awful spin-off (really?) so that the remaining alphas can become more "action" oriented via needless crossovers (just u watch) and less engaging and riveting stories. 

I consider this an act of war by CBS.  Not just as a woman, but as a viewer and a consumer.  I called. I wrote. I even faxed.  It's like CBS is telling me (and women all over the world) Your voice doesn't matter.  YOU don't matter.  Then to add insult to injury CBS says they're adding a "new female character to fill the void" of AJ's exit, I was like WTF?  What? We're interchangeable now? How 'bout U not create that void inna first place and leave them be?  How 'bout U don't fix what ain't broken?

When CBS cut Ghost Whisperer and Cold Case, two shows with female leads (and solid ratings I might add) I thought, there's a slap in the face...but Criminal minds is an ENSEMBLE meaning there is no "lead" male or female.  CUTTING AJ AND PAGET IS A STAB IN THE BACK for that very reason. 

Ok... U stab us inna back, we stab u inna heart (your numbers).  WE @ WOMEN AND VIEWERS CAN AND WILL SHUT U DOWN CBS---the same @ the civil rights movement once crushed and crippled the southern bus companies via boycott to gain equality and have their voices heard.  Haven't you learned your lesson from the recent writers' strike

In response to this unnecessary and unprovoked act of war I'M CALLING FOR A WORLD WIDE BOYCOTT OF THE S6 PREMIER OF CM.   Even if that doesn't happen, I personally won't be back.  EVER. 

...because w/out viewers everybody looses.  There I said it.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Writing vs Blogging----posting.

Re-invented my myspace page...chek.  Setting up massive yet diverse friend list...chek.  Pulled more faves on twitter...chek.  Posting writing on Myspace--no.  Blogging yes--but posting my writing has 2 b done here. It's easier and if there's feedback, go to I'll get it there. 

I'll also link myspace here for my writing as well.  And YES I really am going to post.